Our Setting

Post-Apocalyptic  best describes The Badlands Chronicles Setting. At first glimpse the Post-Apocalyptic  differs little from what we know as the Middle Ages.   In fact, if it were not for the scorched ruins of the Information Age on this continent of the Americas, you  might think they were one in the same. Cogs toil the  land,  living a short and harsh existence, knowing only the present,   just as villagers once had. Priests speak of damnation and  salvation, while monks  keep the secrets of the ancients in musky monasteries. All across the wasteland, feudal barons, whom attempt to rule over all they survey while rebuilding  and defending within the angry environment of their parish boarders. ​

This land is flavored with isolation and desolation.  Vast miles of scorched hinterland separates  markets from  settlements and the inhabitants that hide within are much worse than monsters from your childhood stores. Bayous are forbidding expanses, shielded by shadows during the day and illuminated by the faint light of the moon at night. The wind howls through the deserts sands that have been stained red by the blood of wars and catastrophes past. In libraries, scholars and scribes struggle to pierce an uncertain darkness with ancient fragments  of half-remembered truths.  The rulers wage strength and bluffs to keep their power and their treasures all their own.   ​

Superstition rules the Post-Apocalyptic era just as much as Barons do. From the last bastions of  faith preached from memories of religions past, to rumors of a promise land beyond the borders,  and those berserking demons that arises from shadows to kill every living being within its reach,  the whispers of the unknown haunt the parishes residents.